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we love

-Travel Edition-

1. Magnetic Building Tiles

**If you buy nothing else, you need these. Every girl has her own set now because they are that good. The pieces are very magnetic and stay together perfectly, there aren’t a ton of pieces, they’re just the best. They can easily fit on a tray table or a cookie sheet in the car.

2. Melissa and Doug Puffy Stickers

**We’ve had every set they make in these. They are perfect for the car, restaurant, any time. Also, they aren’t as big as the other big pad ones and the stickers are easier for kids to get off by themselves.

3. The Best Erasable Pens

**My littles hate pencils for whatever reason. These are amazing and I even bought myself a set for my paper calendar.

4. Learn to Draw Series

**We have the princess, animal, and Christmas editions of this series. My oldest pulls in out multiple times a week. These would also be great for big kids to use with their play dough kits because they give step by step instructions for how to draw that you could interpret as how to build.

5. Melissa and Doug Water Wow

**I hope you already know about these but if not you can thank me later. They are everything.

6. Style Me Up

**Great for your little fashionista who wants to create their own outfits. This is a hit in our house. The one linked is the generic version but all of the Disney princesses are available.

7. Black Paper Notebook

**Something a little different that we keep in the car bags. We use metallic gel pens to change up drawing a bit. Still working to find pens I love. The ones we have are ok but I don’t love them.

8. Magnetic Drawing Tablet

**We bought this for the baby at Christmas but everyone loves it...especially my husband. It’s completely addictive. We’ve used to practice letters, shapes, but they mostly just draw whatever they want. I like the smaller one best because it’s cheaper and fits in the girl’s car bags.

9. Create a Scene

**We have tons of these. I rotate them in the girl’s bags. They are just awesome. The pieces go in their mini box play dough containers all the time because they are sturdy.

10. Color Wonder Set

**These are pricey in my opinion but if you have a little who colors outside of the lines (literally) then these are great mess free, contained option for the car.

11. Magnetic Paper Dolls

**These come in a variety of princesses. Pretty sure we have them all and each is a hit.

12. Big Kid Water Wow

**Just placed an order for this one. Looks like a great, reusable activity for a bigger kid.

13. Pip Squeaks Washable Marker Set

**Washable marker/ paper set.

14. Pretend Video Games

**I had one of these when I was a kid and thought it was amazing. I bought 2 for the big girl’s Easter baskets and they have loved them in the car.

15. Take and Play Bingo

**My kids have loved this game. We usually don’t play it in the car but it’s great for the book bags and then taking to wherever we are going and playing there. All the pieces are magnetic and it is ideal for planes. They have a matching and tic tac toe version that look great too.

16. Travel Magnetic Puzzle

**Self contained puzzle with magnetic pieces. This was a favorite when we flew to Australia and lives in our car bags now. Love the second option for animal habitats as well.

17.Travel Tangram

**Self contained, magnetic building exercises.