Extending Play

My dream for these boxes is to give moms time. While I hope that you will take some time to play with your child I also hope that these boxes will be used to give you a break. Need everyone to stop screaming while you cook dinner? Pull out your busy box. Need a break from a screen? Pull out your busy box. Need something to occupy an older sibling while you care for a new baby? Pull out your busy box. I want the boxes to be readily accessible so in idle time when fighting, screaming, or whining might start you have another option. Playdough is such a simple, relatively clean way to introduce sensory play to your child and research tells us that sensory play is absolutely crucial for early brain and language development. No matter the age, the boxes are designed to provide fun for all kids AND creative learning experiences.

Each of the boxes contain the items pictured to facilitate open-ended play. Your child can play according to the theme of the box or simply do whatever they want. When left to create, you will be amazed at how different and creative each child can be. Each box also includes 3 ways you can extend the play experience on the inside of the box. This means that you will have additional ideas to help direct your child and encourage hands on learning. I am also linking three books that coordinate with the theme of your box so that you can spend some time reading and possibly think of your own ideas to keep the play going. In addition, I’m including the following generic questions to be used to talk to your child and keep on playing. All in all, my desire is that you have one place where you know you can feel good about what your kids are learning through hands on play, all the while letting them do so without hovering.

Here are some Ways to Play that can be applied to the Busy Boxes, regardless of which theme you have! Use these prompts to help guide your kids’ creative thinking.

- Can you build a face?

· Talk about emotions. What makes you happy and sad? When was a time you felt…

- Sort your box items by color, shape, size texture.

· I see a blue jewel. Do you see anything else blue?

· What is hard? What is soft? Is the shell smooth or bumpy?

- Build the letters of your name or the beginning letters of items in your box.

· I see a truck in your box. Truck starts with T. Can you build a T?

- What is the same and different

· A crab and a lobster both have shells. They are the same. Can you think of other ways they are the same?

- What do you see? Can you describe it?

· I see a heart. It is red and sparkly. What do you see?

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